Condition: Tension Headache and Migraine Headache

How does Advanced Biofeedback Center identify muscle tension and migraine headache?

Your clinician will be interested in learning your history regarding your headaches and may ask the following questions:

Your clinician will also use a computerized biofeedback system to measure your muscle tension and skin surface temperature, which will help him understand the physical nature of your headaches.

Advanced Biofeedback Center will also be interested in knowing the nature of the daily stress that you endure, how you cope, and what we can do to help.

During the assessment phase, you may be asked to complete a headache log that documents the severity, frequency, and duration of your headaches. You may also be asked to complete some psychological and behavioral symptom checklists.

Personality and intellectual testing may also be done, depending upon your presenting symptoms.

Sometimes patients are asked to undergo a psychophysiological stress profile that may be administered to determine just how you physically respond to while at "rest," during cognitively demanding tasks (like doing mental math problems), while thinking of stressful situations, and other conditions. We need to see just how extreme your reactions are during these situations.