Condition: Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident or CVA)

How does Advanced Biofeedback Center identify stroke patients (Cerebrovascular Accident or CVA) for biofeedback training?

EMG biofeedback is frequently used for neuromuscular rehabilitation after a stroke has caused an upper or lower extremity to become weak or paralyzed.

Weak or paralyzed arms or legs are actually the victim of the brain's inability to send the correct impulses down the spinal cord to the correct muscle to cause the muscle to contract or relax.

Depending upon the amount of brain tissue ("nerve cells" or "neurons") injured or destroyed as a result of the stroke, patients can benefit marginally, significantly, or "somewhere in between."

The underlying belief is that the human brain can display tremendous plasticity, meaning that the brain is malleable, adjustable, capable, and constantly changing, even as we age. If you are capable of learning something new, you may very well be capable of improving your arm, leg, or speech functioning.